Be creative

Almost anything goes, when considering what helpful handwork you might want to do.

Have you dreamed of making jewelry?
No doubt a little girl whose home has burned would be glad to receive a pretty necklace to help bring some beauty and joy into her difficult situation.

Have you imagined yourself as a woodworker?
A good first project is a collection of small blocks, sanded smooth and painted with a cute design or picture, ready to provide hours of entertainment to a counseling office that serves children.

Are you grateful to soldiers and the work they do?
Wounded warriors need comfortable lap blankets during recovery and active duty soldiers may need socks or helmet liners or other personal items that can be made in many different ways.

Have you always wanted to learn how to crochet?
A “shelter” might be glad to receive a stack of handmade dish cloths, and these are a great project that fits into small bits of time during the day. There are many types of “shelters” that need our help – domestic violence, homeless, and others.

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